I take a creative and emotional approach to the design of a wedding cake. I like to know who I am making it for, what brought the couple together, and what they would like the finished product to express. It is after all one of the most memorable days in their lives: the cake deserves to be remembered, too, by the couple and by their families and friends.

“There are several special elements that need to come together to create your memorable wedding day and make it a day to treasure forever. Dress, flowers and your choice of cake are the top three priorities and you need to get them right so you can relax and focus on what is important on the day – which is celebrating love. Your cake should inspire as well as satisfy guests and help create precious memories for a lifetime. I love handcrafting bespoke wedding cakes that express your unique personality and reflect your special connection with your beloved. From design creation to arranging and styling the cake on the day so it takes pride of place at your reception, I am with you every step of the way. Your cake will shine like you will!”