Like so many sensations in food, America had a hand in the creation of the ubiquitous cup cake in the early 19thcentury. You could call them the “best sellers” of cakes. We all love a cup cake … for its size, its taste, its unique icing – an art form in its own right! I love making them, and I love even more the smile they bring to so many faces and the joy they impart. So simple, yet so special in our lives.

“No matter what age, everyone loves a cupcake, and I am expert at creating miniature masterpieces that simultaneously bring a smile to your face and your belly! Think creamy, gooey, crunchy, zesty creations, topped with your choice of marshmallow, fondant, nuts or any kind of heavenly buttery bliss – a bonanza of flavors topped with a lavish icing that will make you wish your cupcake was a BIG cake! Savory or sweet – I’ve got you covered.”

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